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Aerating Your Lawn Is Important

Aerating helps to improve water drainage. If water doesn't drain it builds puddles and an environment that is favorable for pests and weeds

The Importance of Aerating Your Lawn (NEW TURF HOLE ADD NEW LIFE) How often do you think about your lawn? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t do it as often as you should. But taking care of your lawn is a must – it’s not only the first thing people see when they… Continue reading Aerating Your Lawn Is Important

How to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Recent home improvements include fire pits, walks, and patios. Build them for your home and the next buyer. Consider these five methods to immediately enhance curb appeal to your property, whether you’re selling in six months or just keeping up with neighborhood trends. 5 Outdoor Projects that Will Increase Curb Appeal 1. Driveways Potential home… Continue reading How to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Benefits of Brick Paver Patios

Paver patio benefits and what to consider when planning one Our crew can design and install a paver patio for your yard this year. In terms of durability, price, and aesthetics, pavers are the best alternative for building a patio. Pavers, flagstone, and concrete are popular landscaping solutions. Creating a durable outdoor environment for gatherings… Continue reading Benefits of Brick Paver Patios

How to Create a Backyard Oasis in Your Backyard

Staycations have seen a worldwide surge in recent years, despite travel limitations. According to recent data, 83 percent of people who had a staycation last year want to do it again in 2022, with 24 percent already planning their next staycation. What are the most popular reasons for people to take a staycation? There are… Continue reading How to Create a Backyard Oasis in Your Backyard


Share on facebook Landscaping’s major goal is to create an environment that promotes happiness and joy both outside and within your home or structure. It provides the building’s residents with a healthy, environmentally beneficial, and tranquil location to commune with nature by landscaping. Professional landscape designers’ work also boosts the mood of the property’s occupants… Continue reading BENEFITS OF LANDSCAPING

What is hardscape construction?

Share on facebook It was on this brick patio where you grilled your perfect steak. This gazebo is something your kids have turned into a little fort in the backyard. You will feel protected and private behind the sturdy wooden fence. What have these three things in common? All three are examples of hardscape construction.… Continue reading What is hardscape construction?

Why You Should Invest In Paver Patio?

Share on facebook Your property will be more beautiful, elegant, and valuable when you have a paver patio installed. It is common for homeowners to realize that they want a practical outdoor space, one in which patio furniture is easy to use and mud puddles are never an issue. Pavers, usually made of natural stone,… Continue reading Why You Should Invest In Paver Patio?

Fall is coming. Tips for your landscaping

Share on facebook Summer is swiftly drawing to a close, and October will be here before you know it. Take a few moments to prepare your home’s landscaping before heading out for the first pumpkin spiced latte of the season. Fall is a season of vibrant colors, and it’s a great time to spend mornings… Continue reading Fall is coming. Tips for your landscaping

What Is Involved in a Proper Spring Clean-Up?

Share on facebook Spring is the perfect time to clean up your property and make sure your lawn is safe and beautiful. We list down the steps of a proper spring clean up. If you need help with professionals, we, Beautified Landscaping LLC can help you make it done the right way. Clean up (Lawn… Continue reading What Is Involved in a Proper Spring Clean-Up?

Why Pavers Are Suitable For Pool Decks

Share on facebook It’s important to choose your materials before breaking ground if you’re building a pool and pool deck or remodeling an existing one. For decades concrete has been the leading material for pool decks, but in the past few years paving stones have made a significant impact on the pool deck world because… Continue reading Why Pavers Are Suitable For Pool Decks